divendres, 15 de maig de 2015

My English Competence in 2015

In my opinion, the best written evidence from my Batxillerat posts is one I wrote some days ago: Are you a popu?

I think this is the post that depicts my writing skills best. I was very inspired when I wrote it, just after watching some videos that made me think deeply about the situation of many teenagers in Spain. So I guess I just let all my expressivity go into it. I consider it to be my best work because I think it's where I managed to use the language in a better way, making it sound very natural. I used some colloquial words but I believe this contributes to make it sound more energetic. I like the structure and phrasing I used to express my opinions, especially the chain of rhethoric questions in the end. Regarding vocabulary, I think it's varied, non repetitive and natural sounding. 

While I was writing my posts I didn't think about which one was the best. I'm not completely sure this is the one, as I have other posts I also like, but I think it's a good example.

My English Progress 2013-2015

It's been a long time since I started working on this blog for Batxillerat tasks. Now that this is coming to an end, it's interesting to compare the evolution of my writings throughout this time. The differences are really noticeable, I can clearly see an improvement of the way I write. My writing has become much more natural, and less forced. That's because I have more linguistic resouces in mind, which are all the contents I've learnt during these years. My vocabulary is now more varied, I use more phrasal verbs, idioms, typical English structures, passives, etc. If I compare my older posts with the latest ones, I would also say they are more mature. Leaving the linguistic aspects aside, I think I can present my opinions better, and go more into detail with my arguments. That's logical though, I've grown up during these years so I guess what I write reflects it. 

diumenge, 10 de maig de 2015

Surprise Birthday

Last Saturday it was my friend Lydia's birthday and we decided to organize a special celebration for her. We had already organized a surprise dinner with other people, but Giorgia and I felt like it was too typical and decided to so something more original as well. We prepared some sort of treasure hunt all around the village with hidden envelopes which contained hints. Each envelope also contained a weird-looking accessory that Lydia had to put on, such as a princess crown, a mask, a Santa Claus hat, etc. The objective was to collect all the envelopes in order to receive her present. We made sure to hide them in places no one would look at. Then, we took some bicycles and rang her door bell, out of the blue. She didn't expect this at all but agreed to do it (we would have forced her otherwise). Then the treasure hunt began, and she started to find the first envelopes. We were lucky no one had found them before her, and I also made sure to put some stones inside them to make them wind-proof. In the middle of the treasure hunt Lydia started to look weird, with all those accessories. She complained about it and wanted to take them off, but we didn't let her. We knew she liked it actually, even if people stared at us. In the end she looked like she was celebrating Carnival. Then the teasure hunt ended and we gave her our present. We had a lot of fun and laughed a lot. I think it's one of the funniest birthday celebrations I've ever been to. It looks like when you get older the only option is to organise dinners. Why? I find this much more fun. And we had a dinner anyway, which she didn't expect either. It was a very fun day overall. 

News: Liberland Declares Independence

A tiny stretch of land located between Croatia and Serbia has declared independence in order to create a new country, which has been called "the Free Republic of Liberland". It already has a flag, a constitution, a motto and a self-proclaimed president, a Czech politician named Vit Jedlička. He founded the nation on the past 13th of April in an unclaimed bank of the river Danube. He's encouraging people from all over the world to come, live and build up Liberland, except if they have an extremist or criminal past. The area hasn't got any building, just forests and fields, but president Jedlička hopes to build a booming economy and have people living in skyscrapers. For now, Liberland hasn't been recognized by any nation, like many other micro-nations that proclaimed independence in the past. 

I don't know how this is going to end or how long will it last. However, I'm not against it. If the area was unclaimed and no one was using it, I'm okay with it. I'm curious to see what they do and what will be the reaction of the neighbouring countrues, it will be interesting if they manage to get it through. For now this is just a freak act, but I wouldn't try to stop them. Who knows, maybe we'll see Liberland in the UN one day.

Read more about it here: Mirror.co.uk

News: Underwater Skeleton Tea Party

Last Monday a man found something really unusual while he was snorkeling in the Colorado River. He discovered a couple of skeletons 12 meters under the river sitting in lawn chairs. After that, he made a report to La Paz County Sheriff's Office to verify whether they were real bodies or not. The skeletons turned out fake and intentionally placed underwater simulating a scene. The skeletons have a sign with them with the words "Bernie" and "dream in a river". It is believed that this could be a reference to the film "Weekend at Bernie's", where two of the characters lug their boss' dead body for days until it falls into the water. The Sheriff said this was a false alarm, and thus, an investigation won't be launched. Now he's even considering moving them to his office as a joke. He says they want to show some levity and have fun with the situation.

I like to read this kind of news because it looks like we only hear about tragedies nowadays. What could have been a crime scene turned out to be just a hoax from someone, that's cool! We need some humour in life. I guess whoever placed the skeletons there is dying of laughter right now. And I also like the idea of the Sheriff not taking it too seriously. This just makes me want to go and hide something weird hoping someone will find it in the future.

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dissabte, 9 de maig de 2015

News: Ban of Haircuts in Iran

The authorities in Iran have just banned all haircut styles that are spiky or feathered. The reason for doing that is their fear these haircuts encourage homosexuality and Satanism among Iranians. This is not the first time Iran has banned hair styles, some time ago, ponytails and mullets were also forbidden in the country. Moreover, other beauty procedures such as tanning, tattoos, eyebrow plucking and hair removal are also banned in Iran for being considered outrageous. "Shops offering devil-worshipping haircuts will be closed", says the head of Iranian barber's union, and also claims that while he's in charge these western styles won't be allowed. 

This is just plain stupid. I can understand Iran is a conservative country with strong cultural and religious principles but, how can they see the connection between hairstyles and the Devil or homosexuals? This is just an excuse to eliminate western fashion trends in the country, but it is also a clear attack to the people's rights. Banning things doesn't lead anywhere, especially with these quality arguments. 

Read mora about it here: Mirror.co.uk

News: Man Gets Away Riding a Stolen Lawn Mower

Some days ago, a man from Nebraska aged 49 was accused of theft and shoplifting for stealing a lawn mower from a Wal-Mart store. The crime was discovered by a deputy of the sheriff, 16 km away from the store. Why was it spotted so far away? As a security footage from the store shows, the man stole the lawn mower by driving it out of there, even cutting some fences to get away riding it. 

This is what you call stealing with style! This man is so funny, I guess he was drunk or something but I can't even imagine it how he got the idea. And the fact that he was able to go that far still riding the lawn mower is stunning, given that these machines are not fast. It surprises me that no one caught him before, lawn mower riding on the street is not something you see everyday.

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